Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pre-Travel Info

Hey ya'll - here is some information about my trip and how to contact me!

Departure USA: Sept. 5th
Arrival in Greece: Sept. 6th

Departure Greece: Dec. 19th
Arrival in USA: Dec. 19th
Arrival in MN: approx. Jan. 2nd

If you want to write me a letter or send me a package, send it to:
Kaitlin Aldana
c/o: Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Mediterranean and Balkan Studies and Research
Embedokleous 26, Pangrati
116 36 - Athens, Greece

If you do send a package make everything look invaluable. If it is clothes make them look used, take tag off. That way I won't have to pay custom charges on anything new.

I will be keeping this blog before, during and a little after my school year. Chronicling my thoughts and journey.

Besides snail mail you can send me emails, talk to be via facebook and Scype.