Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Random Update, becase I feel like i should blog more...

Things happen in the neighborhood ... Wondering why there is a photo of cops in riot grear, yet? On Saturday, we were coming home from an unsuccessful shopping day when we saw a giant crowding in the road, and along the side walks. We stopped to find out what was going on ... we see riot police dragging men from an apartment into an unidentified van. We found out that they were anarchists who had rioted through Pagrati early that day. (This photo taken from our balcony.)
There is a little history to this photo ... In Meteora, we took a picture of me and my roommates in our bathrobes, in bed eating sandwhiches. There was a comment on the photo, asking if we were orphans. So we took our orphan shots, we will put them in adoption files.

Friday night, we dressed up and hit the town. we went to Kolonaki, which is the most posh area of Athens. We found cafe and had dessert. Maria and I had crepes ... her was choco-banana and mine was choco-biscuit (which really means cookies).

A Pre-outing photo. Check out the new boots!!!!

I bought my boots and within 2 hours, i had been hit one a couple times and and received a number. I am telling you, boots make all the difference!
Other exciting mentionable events...
- booked my tickets for spring breaks - Island Hopping for 7 days!
- began running again... gotta get ready for the Spring Break bod... ;)
On March 5th it will be my 6 month anniversary of leaving MN and March 6th my 6 month anniversay of being in Greece! Also, Monday marks 80 days until I come home!

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