Sunday, January 17, 2010

Berlin: German History and Jewish Museum

We arrived in Germany just fine. That is when the fun began ... But I suppose you always have to get lost before you can know your way.
In the German History Museum, they had a huge display of armour and weaponry. It was really cool. (Don't I look cute in my new jacket!)
The sign nex to this was about how because Jews were exiled from the community they had alot of free time, so they invented games. This is an early pinball machine!
This is a giant bullet. It was used on a ship during WWII, I think. I couldnt believe how freaking big it was!
This is at the Jewish Museum. They had a pretty cool layout, and a lot of it was to help remember the Jews as living members of a society not as Holocause victims. This is me wearing a backpack that a travelling Jewish salesman would have used. It was pretty heavy and uncomfortable!

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