Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Market

Mom this one is for you! :D

I was in a very indulgent mood this morning ... and bought myself strawberries. I paid an arm and a leg for them too. For one bucket (it looked like a pound) it was nearly 4 euros so like close to $6! But they are perfectly ripe - I havent had strawberries this good in a LONG TIME!
I also was jealous because Michael bought almonds and was eating them last night when he was talking to me. And I wanted almonds too, but they are also very expensive. But I found these that were still in the shell, they were less expensice but still like $4 for a half pound! But I am going to put a little sugar and cinnamon on them and bake them. Yum!
All the stuff I bought at the market: bananas, almonds, strawberries, an orange pepper and 8 eggs.

Mom, I thought of you and Kristi the whole time I was there! Love you!


  1. All that yumminess! How I miss thee! Kaite, my dear...hugs!!

  2. I bought strawberries today at Sams...lots were over ripe and mushy...and the thing cost $7. You probably got a better deal, at least yours were ready to eat! We miss the Leike so much. Sorry if I spelled it wrong. That was my favorite part of Greece. Love you honey, can't wait for you to be home.