Monday, May 17, 2010

All Nighters

We left Pagrati at 4am (Athens time) on Monday morning.
The bus was long, everyone was tired from the all nighter that was in the process of being pulled. The chatting slowly decreased into silence.
We left Athens at 8:10am (Athens time) on Monday morning.
We arrived too early, so we couldnt check in. Sitting, chatting, waiting, watching. I finally get up to the counter and after getting my way out of having to pay for my second bag walk through boarder control. Ya-sas Greece!
We arrived at Heathrow at 10am (London time) on Monday morning.
Heathrow is a busy airpor on a regular day, but today (the day before the month long strike) it was insane. We waited in lines and went through all sorts of security. We finally made it to the gate. My name was called over the loud speakers, I go up. I was choosen to be apart of a random extra security check. GREAT. They went through all my stuff, and could not repack it - very annoying. Then I got the pat down, and everything was checked. Finally I made it on the plane, just in time to find out that the plane had mechanic problems. After nearly an hour delay of fixing the plan we make it to the runway ... where again we are waiting for other planes to take off. Goodbye Heathrow!
We left Heathrow around 3pm (London time) on Monday.
The flight was long. I sat next to a really fat ethnic man who snored. It was terrible! I had kids behind me. But I was able to stay away for the most part.
We arrived at JFK at 6:15pm (Eastern time) on Monday.
We arrived as my connected flight to MN was departing. SO much for making it home in one day ... sleeping at the airport ... or not
I arrive in MN around 11 tomorrow morning!

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