Monday, May 3, 2010

Not as it Appears

As CNN spreads choas and fear around the world with extravagant claims, the truth is much harder to comprehend. On Saturday, my roommates and I were out and about all over Athens ... along with all the tourists. At least the four of us, had no idea of what was going on.

Greece's situation is beyond my understanding, but I understand what the Greeks themselves have told me. The wages are being cut ... to less than 700 euro a month!!! That will not even pay for an apartment, let alone food, clothing and other necessities. And the governement wants to take another months wages out and raise taxes.

The people are suffering ... taxation, paycuts, strikes interupting daily life. The politicians are not ... last week every member in Parliament recieved 5000 euro to buy NEW laptop computers (they also received a paycut ... but still!)!
If you ask any Greek, the real riots and insanity hasnt started yet. The burning trash, protesting and destruction of the public area, ect this is apart of normal society. It WILL become bad this summer. The masses will be forced into all sorts of craziness, because of the harshness of the measures. I am glad but also sad that I will not be able to witness these events.

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