Friday, December 4, 2009


So before going to Louve, I had heard people say that it was big and that you could spend an entire day there or at least hours. I thought they were crazy, who would want to spend the entire day at one Museum? Well I did now anticipate the Louve to be so big... it was huge. I was amazed! And the art there, amazing! I mean it out to be though if you are going to steal art from other countries and cultures you might as well take the best, right?
I believe this is Eros and Psyche. I found it to be stunning in real life, although as usual it doesnt come out as much in the picture. It is just such a tender, passionate love.
Nike of Samothrace. I learned in my art history class yesterday that Livy didnt consider this to be art. I guess that in its original location it was on a ship in the middle of a body of water. and the lights would reflect up on it. Livy didnt like his sense interacting while observing art and he didnt like it to be to realistic.

I thought these guys were pretty cool. We saw too, they were copying the paintings. The other one that we saw (but couldnt take apicture of) her painted was better because the colors were faded and it brought so much more the painting.

...Oh the Mona Lisa. What a dissapointment.
Yes, Victory Leading the People. You have to love it!

We spent a goof coupe of hours at the Louve before heading off the Orange Museum and then to lunch. It was a nice place but we kept getting lost and stuck in certain spots. So we were desperate to get out after having been stuck in the sculpture sections and missed Rembrant. But that is ok.

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  1. I can see where the Mona Lisa must have been disappointing...they hung it sideways!! LOL