Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As the end of the semester draw closer to the end, I have to many thoughts running through my head...

...What will next semester be like? Who will I be friends with?

...I want to go home, see my friends and family. Drive my little baby car, cuddle with my puppy and kitties, be able to eaves drop on conversations as a walk through a public place.

...I want to see Michael, to be held, to share a New Year kiss.

...I really ought to start on my educaton degree back at Concordia.

Thoughts are just a constant background noise inside my head, forever circulating. When ever someone talked about going home, or thier Christmas plans it makes me sad. I want to go home, I want to do the annul Christmas marathon of family.

I watched Love Actually last night. The begining and end of the movie are scenes of people greeting each other at the airport. I cant wait until I set off the escalator on Mayb 20th and see my family standing there waiting to embrace me, to take me home - where I belong.

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