Friday, December 4, 2009


So Morgan and I were walking back to the hostel one evening and we ran into a little street market. We were in awe at all the yummy breads!
This is the dessert table. We didnt actually buy anything from this table (we split a sausage) but they all looked so good, I think that I could have had one of everything!
On Saturday Morning we went to Notre Dame. It was ominous, I can describe it in no other way. It was so beautiful, but I was slightly ticked off at all the visitors that were unrestrained (by themselves and the gaurds) they had the flashes going and were talking pretty loud (at least I thought so). I would have thought that they would have respected this little old lady praying in one of the side chapel places, but no someone took a picture of her praying and all kept talking.

Outside Notre Dame, the doors were so pretty, I just had to get a picture with it as the background!

Saturday night we met up with Ethan's family (that is Morgan's boyfriend) for dinner. Their hotel is near the Eiffel Tower so we met at the Eiffel Tower and then went to dinner. It was cool, but I mean it is just a hunk of metal.

Our Trip back to Greece was short, we both passed out as soon as we sat down. We didnt even notice the plane take off! The trip was great!

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