Friday, December 4, 2009

Paris! Part II

Ok, a little out of order...

The Seine River. It was cold outside, so I didnt think much of it. But I am sure that it was great in all of its glories.
SO, at the end of the gardens that are next to the Louve there is a very cute Christmas Bazzaar that we went to twice. It was soo cute and the food that we had there was great. We had Hot Spiced Wine and Chocolate cover Merengue blobs. This picture is one of the bother - we didnt get out food there but we got out food from the sister booth - but inside the vat next to the Elf is cheesy Potatoes and Ham. It reminded me of the dish that my Mom makes, but they used a different kind of cheese.
An example of the Christmas decorations. They had lights everywhere, including the side streets that werent even near the ehart of the city.

The Arch, again I was cold and after I took this picture ducked into a Mc D's and ordered a Cappiccino!

This is at Notre Dame, I lit a candle.

So Thursday night we arrived in the city and then met Ethan's Family for Thanksgiving dinner. We went to this cute little bistro and had amazing food! We had snails instead of turkey though!

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