Monday, November 23, 2009

Hania (!), Crete

While still in Iraklion we searched desperately through our guide books looking for a place to stay in Hania. I was looking through Pension Rea's guide book and saw a star by the description to Pension Nora - a little"turkish house" turned into a hotel. I called to ask how much a room would be and we booked, thinking that it couldnt be worse than the public bathrooms at Pension Rea.

We get to our street and a cute little man looks at us then to the suitcases and asks "Kaite?" We say yes and follow him around the corner (I know sounds a little sketch - it totally wasnt!) and through old, paint chipped double doors, up 2 flights of stairs and down the hall into room number 5. I cant describe the room to you, only homey pops into my mind. It was amazing! A mixture of blues, creams, golds; wood was every where no marble in sight! After the hotel owner left our roon we all totally pulled a "I am a teenage girl in a chick flick movie" move and started jumping up and holding each other hands, yelping. It would have been funny to watch us.(The view out our window)
We took a nap after out teenage girl moment. Kaylee had the biggest bed and didnt want to sleep alone so we all slept in the bed together! It was fun! You cant see me but I am the middle lump of legs...
At the beach, it was really freaking cold! This is one of Morgan's favorite pictures of me because I am doing me "Kaite is turning into a Kaite-sickle" face on. I tell you my feet were frozen, Morgan and Kaylee were fine though...

At the beach...
The light house that we walked by when we walked up the pier which we did every time we wanted to go somewhere. It was really pretty.

Hania was pretty, but it was a skeleton of what it looks like in the summer. It was like a ghost town, quiet and few people on the street. I would love to go back in September when tourism is still in high season but the weather is nice.

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