Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thessaloniki Part II

The Parade was intense. The first half was of different costumes of people who had helped first against the Italians and Germans during WWII. Oxi Day is celebrates the begining of WWII - unlike most countries. Greece celebrates the begining of the war because the end was devasting for Greece. The War ended in a civil war. Oxi day is the day that the dictator Metaxas said no to Musillini about invading Greece.
The second half of the parade was a military show. It was exciting and terrorifing. There were tons of tanks and military cars and guns. When the tanks drove by the ground vibrated. We were told to pretend that we were in a W. European country during WWII and that were there 10 times as many tanks and soldiers marching into our town to occupy it. It was a terrorfying thought. (On photobucket, I have video of the tanks passing by)
This is in Pella, the birth place of Alexander the Great.
We went to the School of Aristotle, where he taught Alexander and his friends. It was beautiful. The colors had changed, and the mountains in the background and the stream babbling near by. I understand how the Greeks thought that Nyphs inhabitated the land. This is Morgan as she enters the cave where Alexander had class.
This is the view from the ledge near the cave. The trees reminded me of home, and I started humming a country song - "it feels like home to me, it feels like home to me..." I didnt want to leave, I wanted to snuggle up on my favorite chair in my screen porch with a cup of coffee and a good book.

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