Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thessaloniki Part III

On Saturday, we left Thessaloniki and headed north toward the Bulgarian boarder. It was a 2 hour trip - and beautiful. The Mountains, were awe inspiring.

On the boarder, there are fortications that were used in WWII, the were crazy. When Greece decided to build it they hired Greeks from the Islands and Southern Greeks to build it, and they were only allowed to work at night. They did this so that the locals wouldnt know about the project and wouldnt be tempted to tell the Germans.
Here is a video, of me walking through the underground fortification. I have more up on my photobucket.

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  1. Now that you've been to Thessaloniki, think of the book of Thessalonians, written to the early saints there. You're going to see most of the cities from the Epistles - books in the Bible that were Paul's letters to these cities. I'm so happily jealous!