Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crete I

Morgan, Kaylee and I took an overnight ferry to Crete. We had Laymans tickets - so the good news was were were exposed to the elements but the bad news was we were with the other laymen... to say the least it was gross. (Good Morning!)

We arrived in Crete Thursday morning at 5am. So we sat on the deck of a cafe on the beach, we watched the sun rise on the ocean and mountains. It was beautiful, and crisp.

Our hotel opened at 8am so we arrived promptly and crashed for a few hours. Then we went to Knossos (see other post). FREAKING AMAZING!

I (actually we all did) loved Iraklion. Most of the Greeks dont like the city, but that is probably because it is a city on an Island and not a islant town on a island. I loved the cute shops and the square. I had the best chocolate there, it was Tiramisou. Oh and the Bougatsa! Ah, they certainly know how to treat the palate! (Kaylee, Morgan and I in front of Four Lion Fount in Four Lion Square.)
Thursday night we ate at The Mexican. It hit the spot. I had chicken enchiladas - OMG, I thought I might melt. It was so good.

So our hotel... to say the least it was FREEZING. I slept in: sweatpants, a sweater, 2 pairs of socks and a hat that is "child size" but is so big on my head that is goes down to the tip of my nose. Then I was using 3 blankets - I was warm but the room was soo cold. Next topic of the hotel, it had a public bathroon. This was my first encounter with a public bathroom and I am hoping that they can remain few...
On Friday we searched for the (lost) Palace of Malia. No it really isnt lost, we just coulndt find it. We spent an hour and a half looking for this pile of rubble and never found it. We did find the beach, and I went to see if the water was cool but instead of only dipping my fingers in I under estimated the wave and it got my entire foot plus part of my leg. (Kaylee and Morgan waiting for the bus to take us back to Iraklion.)

Then we ventured to Hania...

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  1. You ladies are SO adventurous! I find myself wondering if I could do the same thing. I could have in my 20's, but now? Not sure. I am glad you are traveling a lot, taking a lot of pictures and recording your time. Thanks for sharing it with us!