Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Bird Eye View of Athens

It was a hike to the tallest hill\moutain that surrounds Athens. We walked across town and then the ascent began. We climbed I dont know how many blocks worth of stairs - but at least 5 I would have to say. Then we got to the base of the hill\mountain. We bought out tickets to take the trolley thing up - it was scary. I was sure that the cable would snap and we would go crashing to our deaths - but I live to tell the tale. It was a bright but foggy\misty day. Even though you couldnt see very far, it was beautiful. Athens is an alarmingly large city, i didnt think it was as big as it is - all I could say was WOW!
The Pananthenaic Stadium. As you know I live right behind it - yeah Pagrati!
The Acropolis. I know that it is hard to see it wasnt a clear day.

Beautiful Athens...

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