Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday Baking\Cooking Fun

The Pictures are out of order - you know what to do! : D

Saturday Kaylee, Morgan and I made: T'ziki sause, Mashed Potaote Hotdish, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Carmel Bailey's Truffels.
The final product, after almost 3 hours of work we say down to a delicious meal. It was great.
I am crying as i cut the second onion...

Kaylee and Morgan mashing the baked potatoe. They are offically experts at mashing potates!

Morgan stirring the heavy cream and bailey's that turned into truffels after 24 hours.
The Chocolate Chip Cookies. See the pastic bags with sharpie letters on them... My mom sent me pre-measured ingredients. It was perfect. It was interesting though because as you can see I had to melt the butter on the stove, so when i poured it it was hot and so the dough was really warm. It changed the composition of th dough because i kept adding flour so that it wouldnt be so sticky!

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