Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thessaloniki Part I

Thessaloniki is a 6 hour trip from Athens. It is a beautiful route, with the mountains on the left and the ocean on the right. We passed Thermopylae, and Mount Olympus - just to name a few.
A picture from the drive up, beautiful? I think so!
Most people slept on the way up. I took short naps but the view was to pretty to not watch! Morgan slept though!
Before the Parade, we stopped at the catacombs. It was cool to see where the Christians held services while being persecuted. I drank from some of the "holy water" that they had in the underground sanctuary - it is supposed to have healing qualities. The Catacomb was originally a Roman Bath.
The White Tower, with Andrew and Hunter in the foreground. The White Tower is an easy point to orient yourself while wandering through the city.
The view of port near the White Tower.

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  1. you need to figure out how to post pictures so that they are not sideways! I love all of your posts. You are lucky!