Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gorillaz Concert

Gorrilaz concert was like no other concert I have been to in a couple of ways ...
1.) There is a shade infront of the artists, and so you are listening to music and watching cartoons. It is like watching a live music video.
2.) It was full of Greeks. Maybe you dont understand ... full of Greeks. By Greeks I mean, people who dont dance at: bars, clubs, and apparently concerts. They just nodded thier heads for the most part, not even a mosh pit or anything ... a little disappointing.
3.) There is no smoking ban in Greece (well long story, there was but no one followed it so they got rid of it ...). I was in a room full or tabacco and pot smoke, it was terrible! I will never take the smoking ban for grantite AGAIN!
4.) I could have bought a beer if I had wanted ... so werid, and still havent gotten over that fact!

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