Friday, March 5, 2010

Riots in Athens

Riot Police chasing the mob.
The mob on the move, with the Riot Police waiting for the signal to follow.
The dumper on fire, but I mean every trash bin, BIG and small, was on fire.
So today, public transportation was completely down, so my Friday plans to go to the beach were ruined. So I decided to go watch the "demonstrations" in Syntagma, with my friend Paul. We get there and walk around take in the scene. All of a sudden we start to see people puting on masks and covering their faces so we backed off a little bit, and then things started blowing up in the street right outside the Parliment. And people are like hacking away at the marble and throwing it at Parliment.
The riot Police start to move in and people are running away with tears, so we moved back. But followed the (now) riot and the riot police. We followed from Syntagma Sq to Omonia Sq. At Panopistimo Sq, the Anarchists were egging the riot police on to and the riot police came with ther little batons. They they threw the gas, and we were too close and my eyes hurt - seriously it was worse than stinging nettle or poison ivy, just a wretched burning. They we followed to Omonia Sq, but along the way they had started a fire in every trash bin and dumpster. It was CRAZY. We kept pretty far behind, and then lost them. But it was pretty much disapated I think. It was super intense. I mean ... while we were still in Syntagma we were standing by the Mc D's and all of a sudden we say the whole mob just run towards us. It was like in a movie.

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