Saturday, March 13, 2010


Not much was going on in Sparta - archaeologically or in the town. Because of the way that the Spartans lived, there really is not much remaining other than the ledgends of the Spartans. And it doesnt help that they became extinct before the roman invasion.

The main reason to going to Sparta is for Mystras, a byzantine castra about 5km from Sparta...

A statue of Leonides.At the bottom is says "μολον λαβε" which means 'come get them'
The remain of a the theatre in Sparta. It was only used for religious purposes, the theatre was not allowed in Sparta.

We went to the Olive Oil musuem. It was really cool beacuse it explained the uses (ancient and modern) and the significance of olive oil in the Greek culture.

The view from my balcony window ... the mountains surround the entire area.


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