Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day Trip: Aegina

It was a wet rainy day, but still a great day trip. The port city, the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Aphaia.

We left Πανγρατι at 6:10am, hoped on the Metro. When we arrived to port, we couldnt find the ticket booth, after about 20 minutes of panic we found it and got out tickets. the Ferry was a peacful trip, we mostly rested.

Port was nice, the city very villagesque. We bought bus tickets and then went to the Temple of Apollo. It was pretty cool, there was no one else there and no gaurds watching us.

Then we got on the bus and rode to Αγ. Μαρινα, but that was one stop past the Temple of Aphaia and so we jouneyed up a hillside - it was not fun. The Temple was worth it though, very well preserved and grand views. When it is clear they say you can see Athens.

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