Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kevin Costner?!

So this morning started like any other morning... I woke up talked to my Mom, Randy and Michael and then finished getting ready for class.

I walked in the rain to the New Acropolis Museum and class began. Then Jan (our teacher) was approached by one of her friends who works for the Museum. She told us that Kevin Costner was at the museum touring with the new Prime Minister...

SO - we stopped class temporarily and went to go get a glimpse of dear Kevin. He was in the archaic part of the museum. We went and he was walking towards and we all acted like totaly paparatzi (sp?!). But you cant have cameras in the museum - stupid tourists ruined that for everyone - so i could get a picture of the still good looking even thought he is old movie star that is now a country singer. But a few of the girls had the guts to ask for his autograph, and they got it. He has a crappy autograph - just a K squiggle and a C squiggle thatend with a downward slope that I guess it supposed to be the 'r'?

He looked this but in a jacket and with a baseball cap on. But the facial hair is the same.

So that was the excitement of the day!

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  1. That is cool Kaite. I am glad you had a good trip to the museum. Did anyone get a real photo of him?