Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Woes of a student abroad...

  1. Taking a foreign language in a foreign country it a terrible idea. This comes from latin class, which I have much to complain about but to stick to this topic. Myrto my teacher reads the latin with a Greek accent, this is terrible for me for a couple of reasons. First she pronounces everything different (ex: she pronounces the 'v' hard instead of soft - should sounds like a 'w'). Second she learned it differently, so she says the parts of a verb in a different order and in Europe apparently they like to give names to everything. Whereas at home I learned how to translate not the names of everything - they are viewed as important back in the states.
  2. Getting sick... I have the beginings of a head cold. They dont have the same medicine here as they do back home. And to get anything you have to go to the pharmacy, it is over the counter but you cant get it anywhere but the pharmacy - even throat thingies. Then there is trying to find "comfort foods" to make you feel better. I luckily have some soup my mom sent me but otherwise I would be at a loss. I was told by my Anc. GR teacher (who is also sick right now) to warm some milk and put honey in it and then a hald hour later to drink some tea.
  3. Food in general. Maybe you havent noticed my "items to send list" on the side of the page but I am compliling one because those things are not to be found in GR. The only one that I have found it peanut butter - but it is 4 euros (about $6) for a cup of peanut butter! Then making food - I really wanted homemade chocolate chip cookies, I planned to chop up a candy bar and use that instead of the chips but then I realized they dont have vanilla extract here. So my plan is on hold.
  4. The Fuse Box - In a previous post I told you how I have to turn the oven on using the fuse box. But I also have to turn the water heater on. So to take a shower it a planned event. You have to turn the water heater on a hald hour before you want to shower, then turn it off before you get in (to avoid being electrocuted) and hope that there is enough water to get you through the whole shower. I cant wait to go home to my lovely water heater! : )
  5. I consider myself more a burbs girl, but a city girl still. But I have learned that I am truely a burbs girl. The noise here at all hours of the day and night has been an experience and something that I am still getting used to! I do live next to a very popular square and there are many good restuarant near me, which adds to the noise but the cars... oh.

(Side note, all those restaurants... there is a bakery on my street corner. It is known for being really good and have really good prices. When i get back in the end of may I will look like a sumo man - GR has not been kind to me...)

More to come - dont worry...

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