Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Pre-Weekend

Thursday and Friday October 8th and 9th. (It is backwards again, sorry. Read from the bottom up.)

Then we went to a chocolate shop - amazing! I will have to send some chocolates home with people when they come visit. Then we went to a Spoon Sweet Shop (the above picture). The spoon sweets are eaten plain, with yogurt or on bread. They were so sweet, I could only have a couple bite - and if you know my sweet tooth you can imagine! So the sweets on the plate are top: Cherries and Strawberries, Middle: Chestnuts, Bottom: (left) grapes and (right) this weird nut.

Then we went to a cute little taverna, and ate baklava and this sweet cake. They were so good! Then off to the Musical Insturment Museum. There are the Bazookies that I talked about in the first picture.

A collections of inticate designs based on royalt from antiquity.

Friday I went on a tour of Athens called "Oddities and Sweets." We went to weird museums in Athens and at sweets at well known sweet shops. This necklace is from the Jewelry Museum in near the Acropolis. It is modern Jewelry made from inspirations of Ancient and Modern Civilization, Biology and Technology. The inspiration for the set of jewelry in the picture above is sperm.

Thursday night Morgan, Kaylee and I order Mio Gusto, ate baklava and talked for a couple of house. I then headed home but when I walked past our favorite cafe I saw a guitarist setting up. So I called them and we headed over. It was the two guys in the picture, the one on the left is playing a guitar and the right an bazooke (spelling?). They had great voices, and I practically fell in love with them!

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