Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Hopelss Society?

On September 27th Athens will be hosting (for the first time) the Susan G Komen walk\run for the Cure. A group that helps survivors here in Greece invited the Cure to come. For two reasons: to bring awareness to a society that does not want to accept that fact that breast cancer is common in communities and to give a sense of victory to those who have survived Breast Cancer. I guess that in Greece if you have Breast cancer you try to hide it and if you survive then you do not speak of it - not at all what I have experience in modern America.

Anyways, I had volunteered to spread informational pamphlets about the walk\run around the Pangrati area and greater Athens (If I ventured that far). So today I went walking around my nieghborhood (which is very lively all the time) to pass these out. Now I didnt just walk into any store and try to pass out the pamphletes. I thought about where the women would most likely pick one up and read it. First I put one under every door in my apartment - no problem. Then I walked down the block to the local nail salon - they were hesitated but allowed me to leave one for reading material when a waiting. Then I went to the pharmacy, no they didnt want it because who would do want to do that. Then the hair salon - same thing, who would want to do that?

Now, I knew that exercise is not a common thing among the Greeks and that this was going to be challenge to be dealt with. But to have people not even giving other a chance to have the oppertunity.

I will go out again in a bit and try again. Perhaps I will be more successful?

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