Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend in Athens

So about half of the group travelled to islands this weekend and the other half stayed in Athens. I personally was glad that I stayed in Athens because I still did alot of fun things but I also had a nice relaxing weekend.
On Thurday night, I had cooking class. We made appitizers - it was delicious. (I will post my favorite recipe after this.)
Friday we went to the Temple of Poseidon. It was pretty cool and beautiful. Then we got back into Athens and hit up the Plaka - shopping and cafes. In the evening we went to a traditional Greek concert. The concert was so cool! First of all it was in the old stadium, so I was sitting on ancient marble and second becuase of the crowd participation.

Saturday, we went wondering around the Plaka area - shopping, cafes. Then came home and began to prepare for the Greek Feast that I was hosting in my apt. The feast was delicious and we all had fun.

Today, I went to the flea market. It was amazing! They had everything from WWII paraphenilia to antique furniture. I bough a giant antique key (about 8 inches long) that I will hang above my bed when I get a house.

Now to do the pile of homework.

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