Thursday, September 10, 2009

Libraries and Getting Lost

My picture uploaded backwards... so start at the bottom. : )

So this was taken after a 2 hour detour of being lost. At that time we had been walking for 5 hours and still have about another quarter of an hour. We are infront of the Stadium that I showed you earlier.
The funny thing about the getting lost part, is that I got stuck on the bus. My three friends got off and the doors shut right as I was about to step out so I got pushed back into the bus. I just waved and started hysterically laughing. The Greeks nervously laughed at me, probably wondering what was so funny about me missing my stop and being separated from the friends. But we made it home, so that is what counts!

This is in the Syntagma at alittle bakery. The whole group went there for Loukoulies (that is phenetically). They were really good a mix of mini donuts and funnel cake with honey. I loved them. (Melissa, me and Melissa)

So this is taken in HEAVEN on Sept. 10th. It is Kali, me, Ashely and Morgan. All of us have some sort of classics major. We went to the US Classical School of Graduate Research to tour the library. It was amazing!!! They have a rare books room, which I am dying to go see - unfortunately it is kinda hard to get into the library.

This is from Wednesday the 9th. It was taken at Syntagma Station right before we saw a Smart car Police car and got on a bus to go home. It is Melissa and I. We had learned how to take the metro on our own, which was fun. My group got lost - go figure. But we made it eventually!

This is my TB test a little after its prime. Right now, It is about half the size and much less pinkness. So it was good, but i think that it made the nurses a little nervous because they did a test, which consisted of jabbing a pen into my arm and dragging it across my poor little injections site.

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