Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend in Athens

So once again, please read from the bottom up. Sorry, I will get the hang of this!

On Sunday, was The Race for the Cure Susan G Komen. The turn out was great for GR's standards - three times as many people showed up than they had estimated - about 5000 people (which is a small percent compared to the city) but a great victory and step towards an more informed socity in GR. The speaker said (in translation from Jan Sanders, one of my teachers) that mamograms are not offered in GR during the annual check up and only 5% of women catch there breast cancer from mamogram check up, compared to the 60% in W. Europe. The walk was fun, and it was cool to know that I was apart of the first Walk in Greece - with hopefully many more to come.

On Saturday, Morgan, Kaylee and I went exploring. We walked through what used to be Hadrians Library. It was pretty cool, I can image the magnificant bookshelves filled with priceless book. A underground streams runs under it and so there were turtles just chilling at the site. They were pretty cute.
Friday, I went out to try and get an unlimited bus pass - did not succed. Then Hunter, Joanna and I went to an art store and coffee shop. When I got back I heard barking coming from Arcadia. Joanna told me what happened. On Thursday a group of girls had found the puppy on thier way home and couldnt leave him. So Joanna (she works at Arcadia, helps the students) had to go and get him and Maria (she also works here, she takes care of our residence stuff) was watching him until they could find a proper place for him. He was so cute and playful - and he was indesperate need of a chew toy. They found a home for him, but I really want to send him home and keep him.

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