Monday, September 14, 2009


This is the port into Kythnos. You can see that it had the white apartments with the blue windows and doors. It was a sight to see.

On the first day we went to a cave and the Byzantine Museum. This is a picture of Morgan, Kaylee and I at the entrance to the cave. The cave has had many uses over time - from hiding pirates to hosting town dances to being occupied by Germany for the ore. It was really cool and just recently opened up so everything was well preserved. The Byzantine Museum was really cool. It was an old church converted into a Museum. It housed artifacts dating back to the 1600. I got to see a bible from 1754, it iwas beautiful. (My picture did not turn out well.)

On Saturday we have an excursion to an excavation site. We hiked up a giant hill (it looked like a mountain to me) on medieval footpaths, we hopped fences, climbed up rocks. When we finally got the to top (after almost 2 hours of hiking) the archaeologist were working (the picture) on digging out the front terrance of the 600 B.C.E capitol of Kythnos. It was cool, we got to see a couple different temples, the well, a piece of the dining room floor. They found over 1500 piece of valuable and semi-valuable jewels and metals. I it was soo cool!

After the excursion Morgan, Kaylee and I went to a nieghboring town (Chora), we shopping and dined there. I ate pork on a stick with a pita and fries. Then we went back into our town that we were staying at to find the rest of our group. We found them eating and the owner of the restaurant gave us wine "on the house."

On Sunday, a group of us decided to check out the hot springs. To out surprise they werent hot springs like most would think. The Kythnos people had harnessed the water and were using it as a theraputic spa. Kaylee decided to do it but the rest of us opted for the cheaper (free) options of swimming in the Aegean. While we were swimming we noticed that everyone was all in one location, we went to check it out and found that the hot springs let out into the Aegean on the beach. So we dipped out feet in and the water was scorching.
It was an amazing weekend! Today I had two classes (one yet to go). I am excited to get into the swing of things!

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