Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday Celebrations

Around 21:20 everyone began to gather in the main πλατεια near my apartment. Maria, Suzy and I went out with our candles, not too sure what would happen, but excited to participate. People sow started to light the candles, and groups help light other groups. We eventually worked up the courage to ask for our candle to be lit too. Then we waited ...

Eventually we noticed that a large group of people walking up the street towardds us with candles. As they neared us, we saw the large crucifix and litter they carried. They also arrived in the πλατεια and we waited ... From the opposite direction a second large group came with candles, also carrying a cross and litter (both more ornate). They began to approach eachother (it looked like a fight was going to break out to me) and then as then met, the Παπασ began to speak. Afterward the separated again going in opposite directions.
We followed the second group, we walked up the stree to a second πλατεια and a church. Outside of a church they began to sing-talk. Not exactly sure what but it was interesting.
Maria, Suzy and I with our candles back at the apartment.

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