Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break Naxos: Day Three

Day two of renting to car, we drove around the northern half of the island. On our way out of town we saw alongside the highway these odd cement things ... I called them Prometheus's jacks.

Maria, Emily and Suzy sitting on the "jacks"

Off we went, stopping many times along the way to admire the view and strech out legs. We were not exactly sure where we where, but some how right around lunch time we ended up at the Kouros - our main attraction of the day.

Again, it was weird to think that the main sculptor porbably thought his work in vain, but really because it had been abandoned it was saved from so many tyrranies, occupations and frenzied peoples.
Next to the Kouros, was a small town. We were lucky to find an open taverna and had a delicious lunch (Greek Salad, Stuffed Burgers, Spaghetti with Village Sausage, Tomatoes and Cheese and to end a special island treat of sweetened Sour Cherries in a syrup). Then we drove down into town and digested on the beach and rocky shore.

The violent waves on the rocky shore.
Afterwards, we continued to drive, with no specific destination in mind, just enjoying ourselves.

During the drive we found a windmill that we could go up to and examine more closely. It was cool to be able to look at how the old windmills worked - it reminded me of the scene in Aristocats when the cats go around on the windmill with the dogs in the motorcycle chasing them.

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