Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break Naxos: Day Two

Day One of renting the car!!!! We saw so much!

First we say the Kouros that had been found in the middle of the island. They guess it to be from the 7th or 6th century BC. It was so cool to see, because if it HAD made it to the intended destination, we probably would not be able to see it today! So it was really cool.
This was a cool church in the middle of no where, it wasnt open. But the courtyard had some very pretty olive trees.
Then we went to the distillery. On Naxos they make a a liquer called Kitron. Cant really describe it to you, but I bought some, so we can try it when I get back! :)

The Temple of Demter was in the middle of no where, and it was super winding. I could hardly walk in a straight line with out the wind interfering! But it was amazing the marable was looked fantastic and they made the grounds so pretty with wild and planted flowers! We made "offering" to Demeter there of wild flowers. :)

The island was covered in windmills - old and modern - I really liked the old ones. They were so cool to look at.

We had extra time before our dinner plans and so we drove down along the sound west coast. It was so pretty and there were so many bays. we ate a snack of oranges on the beach.

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