Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Week Mark

As the semester boils down I am more and more antsy to return home. When I embarked on this journay over a year ago (that is when i decided to come) I had no idea what would happen or how I would change. I had no idea, how much fun I would have and how many experiences I could cross of my to-do list.
My very close teacher Nikos (he is my ancient Greek teacher) has been telling me every class about how much I have changed and grown. How "Greek" I have become ... he just laughs when he compares the girl that he met in September. I am glad that my growth is visible, but it makes me nervous about how well I will fit back in at home. I will have to reacquint myself with people, we all have changed and grown ... it is what happens over a 9 month time period. Will my freinds and family think that my changes are for the best or worst ... ? Before I was always early, heaven forbid I was ontime, because someone else's watch could be fast and then I would be late (but not really?). I still show up early but it is for myself now ... like to use the internet ... otherwise I show up on time. I have even been late a couple of time!!!
My friends and I always joke about how our standards have significantly lowered since we arrived ... so true! Never would I shower or sleep in have the places I have ... but will that make things awkward when I get back and dont care about that stuff .. will it make other people uncomfortable?
OR, what about my church family? I have been surrounded by liberals for nearly 9 months, I have had the comfort of few conservatives ... I know that my views have relaxed. I am ok with that, will they be able to accept that?

I enjoy who I am. Quiet, fun, slightly more reserved than normal...

When I came here, i was coming to a lot of unknowns. It is funny because now I am going home to many unknowns. I remember it was hard when I came home for Christmas break last year, it was weird to see my family in a groove that didnt involve me in everyday life. It will be even more exaggerated now, I havent been home in nearly 9 months... what changes will have taken places? Changes that they didnt notice but will be a huge deal for me? Another unknown is Michael, we left never having been apart for more than a few weeks at a time, and have been forced into a long distance relationship .. how easy will it be for us to convert back to normal distance relationship? I welcome being able to see him - I miss him like a crazy - but at the same time ... it is almost scary.

Three weeks, so much time to absorb the last bits of Athens. Not to mention I am spending a few days in Rome. I am so excited. I have so many plans, so many things to do, people to see. I will finish this strong, the way that it is supposed to be. And then I will be welcomed home with open arms.

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