Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Santorini ... it is the first image that most think of when we hear the about Greece. The white cycladic houses with blue shutters and doors. The white churches with the blue domes and primary color stained glass windows. While there IS so much more to Greece Santorini does have a great amount of beauty to inspire.

Emily and I embarked on our adventure friday morning ... and after the nearly 8 hour ferry ride we finally arrived to Santorini. After hearing some unsettline news from our beloved roommates (who were staying in Athens) we were whisked off by our unhospitable pension owner to Kateralos, a small town about a half hours walk from the main town Fira. (Although when we booked the pension we were under the impression that it was on 10 minutes walk.) Although our pension WAS ONLY 20 euro a night (10 euro a person -- cheap for anyways especially Santorini) we were disappointed with the room. The bathroom was grimey and the shower didnt drain right ... the floor was always wet. It was a serve yourself pension to say the least.

The first night we decided to test the public transportation to see if we would need to rent a car. So we headed over to Oia to watch the famous sunset. The town was very pretty and picturesque - the sunset was disappointing the clouds blocked everything. We caught the last bus back to Fira and ate dinner. Then started the long journey back to the pension... but we hadnt actually walked into Fira from the main road so we walked out of Fira on the wrong road. We were completely lost in the middle of no where along a highway, in the pitch dark. It was terrifying. All we could think about were the terrible stories we had read in Cosmo about girls being abducted, raped and killed in this situation. Needless to say we fueled our own terror. Finally we got home ... took our disgusting shower - the kind where you feel like you need to take another one because you took a shower.

Saurday we had planned on getting up early but that didnt happen. We caught the bus to Kamari to go and see ancient Thira. We arrive to find out that the only way up was to walk up and our book told us it was a 5 hour round trip hike ... so we decided to take the different route. A local guy told us about a church that was about half way up the mountain, behind the church was a cave that had a nartural spring. He said that it would be fun and easy - but really who should trust the Greek when they say "easy". we climbed up the gravel path to the church, it took about 45 minutes but it was just after noon and the sun was hot and the air humid. We were the only ones on the path (and the side of the mountain), Emily said "its so hot, lets just take off our shirts" so we did. It was great, the breeze on out backs. We finally made it to the cave, it was so cool and the water was so refreshing. We gathered some water in Emily's water bottle and then headed across the mountain to Ancient Thira. We arrive to ancient Thira hot and sweaty (after redressing) we entered and took in the amazing sight. The town was amazing and the view beyonf words. We looked over the cliff side onto the black shore.

We only hiked for like 3 hours but we were exhuasted, we hadnt planned on doing that much hiking and hadnt brought too much water (half liter each). We spent the rest of the day recovering in our beds. Later for dinner we had the most delicious Chicken soup ... really it was beyond words.

Sunday, we rested on the beach. We lotioned up and layed out. But we still were burned. the back of my legs are a nice pink (trust me the 8 hours on the ferry back was no fun). And then went to explore more around Fira.

Monday out ferry was leaving in the early afternoon. We packed up our stuff and then explored the country side a little. It had rained in the morning but within a half hour of stopping the sun was out and if I hadnt known it rained I would have never guessed.

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