Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break Naxos: Day One

We left our apartment at 6am and headed for Pireaus. We had booked economy tickets, being the cheapest and not knowing that it mean you had to sit in the cafeteria or on the deck. (It was different than my previous ferry experience.) My roommates were all able to sleep - but I was not. I never mastered the sleeping in class on my desk thing.

Emily, Maria and Suzy sleeping on the ferry to Naxos.
We arrived to Naxos around 3pm, the day was glorious! Our pension owners picked us up from port and took us to our hotel to get settled in. Our room was still being cleaned so they offerned us some drinks and finger food - this was only the begining! The Pension owners have a farm outside of town, and they make thier own: olives, wine, raki (a hard traditional Greek alcohol - 70%), cheese. Then we went to explore the town a little. Coming into port you can't miss the Temple of Apollo, so we did that first.
The view from a main road that our Pension was off of. The wave were huge, nearly the entire time we were on the island!
The remaing bit of the Temple to Apollo. It makes a nice frame for picutres. :)
On the path leading to\from the Templ to Apollo. The waves were huge, and the wind was strong!
After visiting the sun god, we walked up the board walk, and into the "old castro" but the sun was begining to set and we didnt want to get stuck there and lost.

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