Monday, April 12, 2010

Panathenaikos Championship Game

For the Greek Championship Game, Panatheniakos needed one point to win and had two games left to win - they the victory was in hand without doubt. Theo, Danis, Emily, Suzy Ben and I went to the game together.

As we entered the stadium, is sounded like we were entering a war zone. Fireworks, flares, smoke bombs were going off like crazy, the Greeks were celebrating the emmient victory.
The game started off great withing the first couple minuntes, Panathenaikos scored a goal. The crowd went wild - the team songs played the chants flowed back and forth across the stadium. The fireworks and flares were lite and thown into the field. A thick haze covered the field, so much that we didnt even realize at first that they started playing again.

Panatheniakos scored a second goal just before the end of the first half. Second half nothing happened on the field ... but throughout the entire second half security began to surround the field waiting for the end of the game. At the end - the crowd rushed the field - security close behind. The congregated on the field and celebrated.
Emily, Suzy and I bought knock-off jerseys. Go Panathenaikos!

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